Education & Training Policy

Our specialty

While our work branches into a few different areas, education and training policy is our specialty. All of us at Ithaca Group have worked in the vocational education and training sector for a number of years. In that time, we’ve developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the policy environment and its unique challenges.

Mostly we’re commissioned to do major projects that involve research, consultation with stakeholders, and sometimes workshops with key thinkers.

Rod McDonald also acts as a ‘critical friend’ to government agencies, providing regular input and advice on particular issues.

Examples of our work

Many of our projects have helped to set new directions for the education and training system and its clients. Over the years we have tackled a range of policy issues including:

  • getting better outcomes for people with a disability
  • stimulating innovation in teaching and learning
  • creating pathways between VET and higher education
  • supporting and equipping VET professionals
  • promoting the uptake of e-learning.

Our focus

Whatever the issue, our focus is always on:

  • clearly analysing issues
  • ‘getting to the heart’ of the matter
  • developing fresh ways of thinking
  • leaving the client with some powerful and practical ways forward.