Reviews & Evaluations

Ithaca Group regularly conducts reviews and evaluations of policies, programs and products. These range from large scale reviews, like the High Level Review of Training Packages, to smaller scale evaluations.

Our approach

We think of evaluation as a holistic process that ideally begins right at the outset of a new endeavour. It begins by asking whether an intended approach is the best way of achieving the goal.

We also understand that there are a lot of reasons people evaluate something and like to shape our approach around what the client wants to achieve.

We use a broad range of evaluation techniques including:

  • data collection
  • interviews
  • research and analysis
  • focus groups
  • case studies.

The illuminative approach

Often we take an ‘illuminative approach’ to evaluation. This involves looking closely at just a small number of case studies. We try to look beyond ‘what’ is happening and understand ‘why’ it is happening. We analyse the factors that influence the success or otherwise of an approach and find out what those directly involved think about the advantages and disadvantages.

As part of this approach, we also consider what role culture, psychology, people and institutions play in each situation.

If significant issues are uncovered which may be relevant to other situations, we then examine these further.

Our focus

Whatever approach and technique we use, our focus is always on offering fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking, keeping in mind what the client wants to achieve and empowering the client to get the most from the insights.