Strategy and Framework Development

Setting directions for the future

Ithaca Group helps public and private sector organisations to set directions and agree strategies for the future. Such work can be specifically focussed, such as the development of a national strategy for flexible learning for the vocational education and training sector, or more general charting the future direction of organisations.

Common challenges

Developing a strategy inevitably raises a number of challenges. Common ones include:

  • competing viewpoints and agendas
  • diagnosing the ‘real’ issues facing an organisation’s future and
  • encouraging people to think differently and let go of limiting assumptions.

Our approach

We use a variety of approaches, including:

  • asking ‘un-discussable questions’ to uncover hidden assumptions
  • bringing in people with totally different perspectives to start ‘strategic conversations’
  • group work techniques such as:
  • argument mapping
  • De Bono’s thinking hats
  • scenario building

Once underlying issues are brought to the surface and people have a common goal, writing a strategy becomes relatively straightforward.