Katy O'Callaghan

Katy is a researcher and social policy analyst who has worked on a range of issues in the government and community sectors. Her main areas of expertise are education and training, health, Commonwealth-State relations, Indigenous issues, and disability issues. Katy brings insightful and creative thinking to each project. She is skilled at quickly getting to the heart of a matter and translating complex information and into a lively read.

Katy previously worked in government research and policy, holding senior roles at both State and Commonwealth levels. As a consultant, she has undertaken over 100 projects. These include reviews and evaluations of social policies and programs, research and design for new policies and programs and working with organisations to plan and articulate their ideas.

Katy is a proud descendent of the Quandamooka peoples of Moreton Bay.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Social Policy and Planning from the University of Queensland and is an adjunct research fellow with Griffith University.

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