Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis has helped to set new directions for government policy in many areas. We have tackled a range of policy issues including getting better outcomes for people with a disability, stimulating innovation in teaching and learning, creating pathways within post-secondary education, and building the capability of education professionals.

Our approach

Our deep knowledge and experience in education and training provides a sound base for gathering and analysing relevant intelligence. Extensive networks of colleagues and informants, both nationally and internationally, allow us to tap into current thinking and quickly identify useful sources of information.

We tailor our methodology to the requirements of each project using combinations of primary and secondary research, data interrogation, stakeholder consultation, and case studies. Regardless of the methodology, our processes always include regular client liaison to discuss the implications of key findings as they arise. Through this flexible approach we give clients the opportunity to fully understand and address unexpected discoveries.

Our focus

Whatever the issue, our focus is always on clearly analysing issues so that we get to the heart of the matter and can give our client powerful and practical ways forward.

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