Our work in this area has ranged from large scale reviews of national policy and programs to focussed evaluations of niche products and initiatives.

Our approach

We regard evaluation as a holistic process that will ideally begin at the outset of a new endeavour. We also understand that our clients have many reasons for conducting evaluation and review activities. Our approach is always shaped around what the client wants to achieve. We use combinations of data collection, interviews, research and analysis, focus groups, and case studies to gather insights that will best serve client purposes.

Often we take an ‘illuminative approach’ to evaluation. This involves looking beyond ‘what’ is happening to understand ‘why’ it is happening. We analyse the factors that influence the success or otherwise of an approach and scrutinise the perceptions of those directly involved.

As part of this approach, we also consider the role that culture, psychology, people and institutions play in each situation.

Our focus

Whichever technique we use, our focus is always on offering perspectives and insights that will inform and empower the client in taking their next steps when the evaluation is complete.

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