Strategy & Development

Our work in this area has helped public and private sector organisations to set directions and agree strategies for the future. It has ranged from the development of a national strategy for flexible learning in vocational education and training, to facilitating Board Strategy Days for a variety of national organisations, to charting future directions and opportunities for small not-for-profits.

Our approach

We recognise that strategy development involves tackling some knotty problems and dilemmas. These include balancing competing viewpoints and agendas, and challenging habitual assumptions.

We use a variety of approaches to challenge people to think differently. These include:

  • asking ‘un-discussable questions’ to uncover hidden assumptions
  • starting ‘strategic conversations’ by bringing in people with totally different perspectives
  • facilitating workshops to work through complex issues and develop ways forward, using techniques such as argument mapping, appreciative inquiry, De Bono’s thinking hats, and scenario building

Our focus

By bringing underlying issues to light we can help clients to identify shared goals and obstructions to progress. Through this process we focus on identifying the directions and strategies that are pivotal for success.

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